What is Hair Transplant ?

You may have witnessed that many people around you have had hair transplants before. Hair transplant, which has become very common nowadays, is a very easy microsurgical operation. It is the best solution for people experiencing severe hair loss and struggling with problems such as baldness and thinning hair. Let’s examine all aspects of hair transplant, which fills gives a person self-confidence and greatly affects the image.

Our hair is the most basic factor that represents our identity. It is the structure of our image. We all want to look beautiful. For a beautiful posture, it is of great importance to have beautiful and well-groomed hair. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have natural hair. Sometimes for genetic reasons, due to hormones and sometimes due to stress, we can experience hair loss. However, thanks to hair transplant from Medpoint Global, it is now possible to prevent bad-looking hair from spoiling our image. So what is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is the most permanent and natural way to prevent problems such as baldness caused by hair loss for certain reasons. It is a procedure in which the patient’s own active follicles are placed, using microsurgical methods, in areas where the person’s hair follicles are no longer active. The most suitable place for hair transplantation, which is a small surgical procedure, is a hospital. When the healthy hair transplant process is completed, the person feels as if they have never experienced hair loss. Also, transplant procedures are different for everyone. These individually planned procedures also aim to leave a natural appearance without implying that surgery has been performed.

In how many sessions is the hair transplant completed ?

Everyone who realizes that they can have natural and dense hair thanks to hair transplant begins to get impatient and there is only one question on their minds. How many sessions does the hair transplant process take? Of course, everyone wants to have perfect hair quickly, but the number of sessions to complete the process depends entirely on the hair structure of the person being treated and the amount of hair that needs to be transplanted.

Hair transplant is a microsurgical operation performed under local anesthesia and lasts for 7-8 hours. The amount of hair transplanted in the first session varies according to the shedding area. However, whether this first session will suffice depends entirely on the extent of the person’s problems such as baldness and sparseness. If there is no hair in the area to be transplanted, the procedure should continue for one more session. Because the amount of hair will not be enough for the bald area.

Our hair has an undeniable place in our selfconfidence . That is why we value our hair very much and take care of it. The number of people undergoing hair transplantation for beautiful hair is so high that it brings to mind the question: Can hair transplant be repeated? This question, which is usually asked by people who have had a hair transplant in their 20s, shows how satisfied people are with the hair transplant performed. Let’s say you had a hair transplant when you were 20 years old. The implanted area will remain as it is, but over the years, it is possible to find problems such as thinning hair or baldness in other areas of the head. But in such cases, you need not worry because hair transplant is a repeatable process. Repeat transplant is a completely natural and normal process.

The number of times you can undergo a hair transplant varies depending on the number of follicles that will be placed in the operation. In some cases, experts may decide that your hair follicles are weak and a second hair transplant is useless. Because even if all people have hair follicles, some of them may have very few weak follicles compared to strong ones. In these cases, experts do not recommend doing it, since the hair transplant will not be beneficial.

When you decide to have a second hair transplant, it is expected that you have a valid reason. You must have experienced one or more of the following situations for the 2. hair transplant.

  • If the hair density is insufficient in the hair transplant area
  • If your transplanted hair is weak and falling out.
  • , If your hair is constantly falling out and new hair is not growing in its place due to a condition called ‘cracked hair loss’
  • If your new hairline doesn’t make you happy or your hair looks like it has been filled in and doesn’t look natural.
  • If your hair transplant has not been successful

If you are facing these and similar problems and your follicles are suitable for this, you may want to consider the second hair transplant procedure on Medpoint Global.

Who can apply hair transplant? Who is it not applicable to ?

We have all complained about our hair from time to time. Who doesn’t want to look perfect? Don’t you think about having hair with more volume from time to time? If your answer is yes, who can have a hair transplant and who can’t? Let us examine together the answer to the question.

First of all, you should know that gender is not important for hair transplantation. Men and women who have follicles suitable for this procedure can undergo a hair transplant. You can go to hair transplant centers as a solution to your hair problems, regardless of men and women.

Oncology patients must finish their cancer treatments before hair transplantation. An oncological patient with ongoing cancer treatment cannot undergo a hair transplant.

Another group that must be treated carefully for hair transplantation is diabetic patients. Care must be taken when removing hair follicles. The bleeding that can occur during the procedure can be a risk factor for the patient. Therefore, the extraction of follicles from the donor area is very important.

Before hair transplantation, a liquid solution is applied to the hair. If you find any substance to which you may have an allergic reaction by looking at the contents of this solution before the procedure, you should consult your specialist.

What should be considered before hair transplant ?

There are certain points to consider before each surgical operation. Since hair transplantation is also a surgical operation, there are of course some points to consider beforehand. So what should be considered before the operation?

If you are a person who practices sports regularly, you should take a break from this routine 1 week before your hair transplant. The reason for this is that if a person plays sports regularly, the blood flow is fast. In this case, heavy bleeding may occur during hair transplantation. For this reason, you can make your hair transplant easier by taking a 1-week break from your sports activities.

During this 1-week period of taking a break from sports, you should also take a break from sexual intercourse. Because the symptoms of sports activities and sexual intercourse on the body are very similar.

If you are a person who smokes and consumes alcohol, one of the things recommended by experts is to take a break from both tobacco and alcohol for 4-5 days for a successful outcome of the surgery.

The most important thing before hair transplantation is to get the tests requested by your doctor in a timely and complete manner. These tests are extremely important as they are tests that determine if you are suitable for your hair transplant procedure.

What should be the characteristics of the clinic where the hair transplant will be performed ?

Today, with the spread of hair transplants, many clinics have sprung up. Among these clinics, there are some that are good and do their job well, as well as unreliable clinics whose purpose is just money. Want to make sure you have a healthy procedure? So, what should be the characteristics of the clinic where the hair transplant will be performed? We examine it.

The first thing to consider for hair transplantation is to see the clinic with your own eyes and conduct preliminary interviews with the specialist who will perform the procedure. The characteristics that you will look for in the clinic should be the following:

  • • There are some conditions given to hair transplant clinics by the Ministry of Health. The clinics you prefer must be reliable clinics that have met the conditions suggested by the ministry of health.
  • • Hygiene is one of the most important conditions in a hair transplant clinic.
  • • Since hair transplantation is a surgical operation, you should check out a clinic with an equipped operating room.
  • • Clinics that have been working with the same specialist doctor and the same team for years should be preferred.
  • • You should beware of clinics that exceed hair transplant fees and charge more than the deserved fee taking advantage of patient sensitivity.
  • • Clinics that offer reasonable numbers of follicles and an accurate price should be preferred.
  • • You should prefer clinics that are equipped to respond immediately to potential emergencies.

What is the importance of the frontal hairline in hair transplant ?

Hair transplant is a process that requires a lot of care and attention in every way. Even the slightest carelessness during this procedure can cause the operation to fail.

Since hair transplantation is an operation that affects appearance the most, the importance of the frontal hairline is also great in this operation. As is known, the frontal hairline is one of the factors that affect the appearance of the face. The forehead line, which greatly affects the person’s facial expression and age, should be determined in a way that suits the person’s face and creates a beautiful appearance during the transplant process.

Although the frontal hairline is a process that requires knowledge, it also requires in-depth experience. For this reason, you must ensure that you work with competent and experienced experts. Otherwise, your facial expression and appearance may be negatively affected.

Here we see again the importance of the hair transplant center and the doctor who will perform the procedure.

4000 Follicles Price

The group that contains the hair tissue along with the hair follicles is called the graft. Although it varies from person to person, there are approximately 2-3 hairs in a graft. For example, 2,000 grafts means 4,000-6,000 hairs. 4,000 grafts means 8,000-12,000 hairs. Before the hair transplant, the doctors perform the graft calculation and determine how many grafts the person needs. After determining the necessary graft with Medpoint Global, the transplant process is performed.

How much does hair transplant cost ?

Hair transplant prices are usually offered in the form of package prices. These prices vary from one clinic to another, depending on the detail of the package and the quality of the service provided. Although transplant prices are variable, it will be market research for a patient to choose the one with the highest details and quality of service of the packages at adjusted prices.

How much does hair transplant cost in 2022 ?

The current price applies for the procedures applied to the person along with the renewed techniques for 2022. With the high quality and precise results of the procedures, the hair transplant prices are prepared according to the budget of many people for 2022 .

5000 Follicles Price

For a standard hair transplant operation where the hair is weak and there is only one opening at the receding hairline and crown area, about 5,000 grafts are recommended as there is a lot of scarcity of hair in these areas. First of all, to get 5,000 grafts, the number of healthy hair grafts should be sufficient and healthy.