What is infusion treatment?

Infusion therapy is the process of hydrating the hair with mesotherapy steam, rich in vitamins needed by the hair follicles and increasing the nutritional quality of the hair roots.


How is the infusion treatment performed?

The main objective of the treatment is to improve the nutritional quality of the roots. It can be applied during the operation, or it can be applied in the form of sessions to hydrate the hairs and provide subsequent vitamin support. Basically it is applied in two different ways;

  • Steam infusion treatment,
  • Steam infusion device for grafts.

Vapor infusion treatment is a treatment method that is generally preferred by people who have had a hair transplant operation, after the operation, to maximize the success of the operation. Existing follicles are moistened with mesotherapy steam. Thanks to the vitamins in the mesotherapy steam, the nutritional quality of the hair follicles is increased.

The type of treatment performed with the steam infusion machine for grafting is applied during the hair transplant operation. The follicles extracted from the donor area wait outside until they are placed. Although this waiting was done in sterile liquids in the past, this application has given its place to the graft infusion device with the technology and experience in development.

Steam infusion grafting machines are used to preserve and further enhance the quality of hair follicles harvested from the donor site during this waiting period. The mesotherapy liquid is converted into a vapor form in the vapor infusion device and continues to feed the hair follicles placed in it until they are transferred.

At the same time, the hair transplant operation continues. There is no extra work for the person. While the amount of roots to be transferred is taken from the machine, the hair follicles waiting to be transferred continue to feed into the unit.

How long does the infusion treatment last?

Although it varies according to the application method;

If the procedure is performed independently of the hair transplant, it is applied in periods of 20 minutes. The number of sessions is planned by the doctor who will perform the procedure according to the person’s condition. It is usually applied in 6-8 sessions. No preparation is required before the procedure.

Does not affect daily life. The person can read a book, watch television, listen to music, or sleep during the procedure. There is no pain in this app. Before the procedure, the scalp is cleaned. This is essential for an effective infusion.

No products or hair fixatives are used prior to the procedure. After treatment, the person can easily continue with their daily routine. There are no changes to the image. Hair should not be washed on the day of the procedure.

If the procedure is performed through the steam infusion machine, human intervention is not required. The hair follicles collected in this application during the hair transplant operation are placed in the machine and remain there until they are transferred.

Until the FUE phase is completed, which is the first stage of the hair transplant operation, the extracted hair follicles continue to be placed in the machine and remain there until placed.

Infusion Assisted Hair Transplant

While hair transplant was not preferred in the past due to aesthetic concerns, lack of knowledge, insufficient technology/experience, today women and men safely prefer it to feel better in terms of aesthetics with the developing technology.

One of the hair transplant applications in continuous development is the infusion technique. With the infusion technique, the hair follicles are protected and the result of the operation is maximized.

There are 3 main stages of hair transplant depending on the technique used;

  • Extraction of the follicles,
  • Preparation of the areas where the hair follicles will be placed (if the sapphire channel technique is used),
  • Placement of hair follicles in the prepared areas.

Over time, the quality of the hair follicles collected from the donor area decreases due to their separation from the body’s nutritional system. This can be exemplified by the feeling of weakness when a person skips consecutive meals.

Although there is no problem in the hair follicles, their efficiency decreases because there is no energy source. Graft steam infusion devices developed to eliminate this situation, which directly affects the success of the operation, completely eliminate this problem.


Advantages of infusion therapy

  • The quality of the hair follicles is preserved and also increased.
  • The quality of the hairs is preserved and also increased,
  • It is a comfortable procedure since there is no pain,
  • It is the complement of the hair transplant operation. A more successful result is seen,
  • No side effects,
  • It is not an invasive procedure,
  • Improves the quality of the tissue indirectly.

Infusion treatment against hair loss

People with hair loss problems (whether male or female) should investigate the hair loss problem before undergoing treatment.

Hair loss can occur for both genetic reasons and an external factor.

If the problem is due to genetic causes, supportive treatment protocols will be insufficient. The actions to be taken will slow down or temporarily stop the problem of hair loss. It is not possible for supportive treatments to completely eliminate the problem of hair loss.

If the fall problem develops due to an external factor, the situation is different. The external factors can be summarized as follows;

  • Medications used,
  • A continuous treatment,
  • Skin problems,
  • Vitamin deficiency,
  • Hormonal disorders,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Stress
  • Irregular nutrition,
  • Irregular sleep
  • Applications to the hair, etc.

Supportive treatments can give very successful results in hair loss problems that develop due to such an external factor. Among supportive treatments, infusion therapy is one of the main treatment protocols, especially after hair transplant.


Hair Transplant or Mesotherapy Infusion?

Infusion treatment cannot be preferred over hair transplantation. While the goal of the two treatment protocols is healthy and lush hair, they are not alternatives to each other.

If hair loss is caused by genetic factors, hair transplant is the only option that can be preferred. Since genetic factors cannot be suppressed, the effect of infusion treatment on hair loss caused by this reason will pass after a while, and the hair will return to its original state. In this case, infusion therapy is not the right option.

Hair transplant should be the last option for hair loss due to external factor. Because when the condition causing the loss is removed, most of the time there is no need for a hair transplant. During this period, when supportive treatment protocols are used, this process will be overcome with the least loss. Due to the effect that will continue, the hair regains its previous volume in a short time.

Is the Infusion Treatment a painful procedure?

Infusion therapy is not a painful procedure, whether it is applied during hair transplantation or in separate hair transplant sessions. People can watch TV, read a book, listen to music, and sleep during the procedure. After the operation, there is no situation that affects daily life.

What is the infusion treatment process like?

The process of infusion treatment varies depending on how it is administered. If it is applied during the hair transplant operation, the person does not need any effort or intervention. The hair follicles extracted from the donor area and kept in sterile liquids without any nutritional properties in the past, are now placed in the infusion machine and continue to be fed with mesotherapy steam until the moment of placement.

If it is applied after the hair transplant or independently of the hair transplant operation, it is applied in sessions depending on the person’s condition. Application is recommended in the form of 6-8 sessions per month.

Things to know before Infusion Treatment

Since it is a comfortable treatment protocol in general, it does not require any additional preparation before the procedure. It is enough not to apply fixing products to the hair when the procedure is going to be carried out. The patient can continue with their daily routine in the same way.

Things to Consider After Infusion Treatment

It does not require any additional care either after or before the procedure. The patient can continue with their daily life in the same way, it is enough not to wash their hair on the day of the procedure.

Infusion Treatment Prices 2022

Prices vary depending on the way it is applied or the number of sessions to plan. You can get information on current fees for infusion therapy here