What is the Capillar Laser?

Briefly, hair laser is a treatment that is performed by applying low-dose diode beams to hair tissue with state-of-the-art laser devices to revitalize dormant hair follicles.

It is a painless procedure and has no side effects other than superficial tingling that may occur during the procedure. It does not require extra care before or after the procedure. Although it varies from person to person, it is planned as regular sessions of 8-10 weeks, usually 2 sessions per week.


What is the Hair Laser for?

Frequently used in many areas of health, laser devices are also used to revitalize dormant follicles, accelerate blood circulation, and increase the nutritional quality of the follicles.

In general, the purposes of hair laser treatment can be listed as follows;

  • Thickening of thinned follicles,
  • Revitalization of damaged hair,
  • Activate dormant follicles,
  • Increase the quality of nutrition of the capillar tissue by activating blood circulation,
  • To maximize the success of the operation after hair transplant.

Advantages of the Capillar Laser

Today, hair is an indispensable part of the aesthetic appearance of men and women and is exposed to many factors during the day. These external factors can be listed as follows;

  • Use of cosmetics,
  • Extreme stress
  • Weather conditions of extreme heat or cold,
  • Hair treatments,
  • Dust,
  • Vitamin deficiency,
  • Irregular eating habits.
  • Irregular sleep

It is very difficult for people to be protected from these factors that modern life needs in the daily routine. Therefore, there is a need to support worn hair from time to time. The capillar laser offers effective solutions in these cases. Low-dose diode beams increase the nutritional quality of the follicles without the need for any surgery, incisions, or post-procedure care, allowing people to have stronger, healthier hair.

Since it does not require any additional care before or after the procedure, it can be easily applied within a day. It does not cause any pain.

How long does the Hair Laser take to show its effect?

There is no duration of effect in the standard, the duration of the visible effect varies from person to person. If generalization is made, when it is applied in the form of 2 sessions per week, in a time of 20 minutes, a visible effect begins at 8-10 weeks.

According to the existing situation the planning is done by the doctor who is in charge of the treatment. The procedure is carried out in this way.

How is hair laser done?

It does not require any maintenance before operation. The person can continue with their daily life. Thanks to state-of-the-art laser devices, inactive follicles are reactivated thanks to low-dose diode rays that are applied to the hairy area. Since the rays will have a triggering effect on the hair tissue, weakened or worn hair gains volume and regains its previous strength.

Does the Hair Laser make hair grow?

Although there are positive statements on this subject in many unofficial sources, it is not possible to grow hair permanently with current technology with a treatment protocol other than hair transplant in an area where there is no hair.

The hair laser does not provide new hair growth. Adds volume by revitalizing existing follicles. With movement in the tissue, the nutritional quality of the follicles increases. This has a positive effect on the overall appearance.

Side effects of the Capillar Laser

 It has no side effects other than a superficial tingling sensation that will not bother the person during the procedure. The capillar laser is not a surgical intervention. In the process, the hair tissue and dormant follicles are stimulated with low-dose diode beams.

Laser Hair Transplant

With the developing technology especially in recent years, hair transplant protocol and hair laser protocol are combined. To increase the success of the hair transplant process, the hair laser is used as an integral part of the hair transplant process, especially for people with fine hair.

The hair laser has no side effects in the hair transplant process and creates movement in the hair tissue. Hair laser can be started after scab removal, which is done 10 days after hair transplant, and can be continued according to the person’s postoperative period.

In this way, it continues to stimulate the roots and increase the nutritional quality of the follicles during the period of adaptation to their new location, especially in the 1-3 months after the hair transplant, a period that is described as falling shocks.

When hair transplant and hair laser treatment are combined, the result of the transplant is maximized. The patient does not need any extra effort. It is a comfortable treatment protocol as it is not a painful procedure and does not require special preparation before or after application.

Hair Laser Treatment

Hair laser treatment, which is one of the most comfortable treatment protocols to apply, especially for people whose hair is worn and weakened by an external factor, or who have hair loss problems, has begun to attract attention with technology developing especially in recent years.

It is often combined with hair transplant operations to maximize the result. It can be easily preferred by people who have fine hair compared to people with hair loss.

Is Hair Laser a painful procedure?

There is no pain in the application of the capillar laser. It is very comfortable before and after the procedure. The person can continue with their daily life.

How many Hair Laser sessions are applied?

Although the treatment protocol varies from person to person, when applied in periods of 20 minutes twice a month, it begins to show its effect in a period of 8-10 weeks.

Hair laser treatment for hair loss

If laser hair treatment is planned due to loss, the cause of the hair loss should be thoroughly investigated. If hair loss is due to genetic causes, the treatment to be applied can only slow down or temporarily stop hair loss. It is not possible to eliminate hair loss permanently.

If a capillar laser treatment is planned to eliminate hair loss due to genetic causes, the result will be disappointing. Because with today’s technology, it is not possible to physically remove hair in an area where it does not exist and it is not possible to make that hair permanent either.

The situation is different if the fall problem does not develop for genetic reasons but for an external factor. At this stage, the hair laser is of great importance to pass the time with the least amount of hair loss until the effect of the external factor that causes the fall passes or decreases. After a series of tests, the cause can be determined. Hair laser treatment is one of the options.

Things to consider before Hair Laser

There is no additional preparation stage before the hair laser. People can easily have laser hair treatment in their daily life. The only point to keep in mind is that there should be no hairdressing or cosmetic products on the scalp during the procedure. An effective result can only be obtained when the low-dose diode beams fully penetrate the hair tissue.

Things to consider after Hair Laser

There is no protocol to take into account after hair laser. People can go about their daily lives in the same way. Continuity is key here. If hair laser treatment is performed at irregular intervals, an effective result cannot be expected. The most effective results can be obtained if the sessions are continued regularly in accordance with the treatment plan prepared by the doctor who will perform the procedure.

Hair Laser Prices 2022

The price varies according to the existing condition of the hair, the date of the procedure and the number of sessions to be planned. You can get information on current prices for laser treatment here.