FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

The Fue Hair Transplant turkey, is a technique used for the extraction of follicles in almost all operations now a day. It is one of the most frequently asked questions by people with hair loss problems. Because it is an abbreviated term, there are frequent misunderstandings.

More descriptively, the term FUE, which stands for ‘follicular unit extraction’, is actually an extraction method, not a transplant method. The word FUE is used for different purposes from time to time because it is promoted as a method of planting.


How is the Fue Hair Transplant applied?

In this technique, the main objective is to collect the follicles in the donor area with the highest quality, within the planning made for the recipient area, without altering the integrity of the tissue, to guarantee that the image of the person’s donor area be restored as soon as possible.

The follicles in the donor area in everyone, men or women, are grouped together. These groups can contain 1, 2, 3 or more hair follicles. The purpose of Fue Hair Transplantation is to collect these clumps without damaging them with a special device called a ‘punch’.

Grafts harvested without damage are very important for the success of the operation. Because contrary to popular belief, the number of grafts and the number of hairs are different things. A follicle can have one hair or it can have more than one hair. The more hairs the clusters contain, the more hairs will be obtained and the higher the postoperative frequency will be.


What are Fue Hair Transplant Techniques?

Before FUE hair transplant, which has been used since the early 2000s, the method called ‘FUT’ was used. To briefly explain; The FUT technique is the transfer of follicles and is known as ‘Follicular Unit Transplantation’, obtained by separating a piece of tissue extracted to the width of a finger between the two ears in the nape.

The FUT technique was replaced by the technique went to early 2000s, because of the scarring that occurs after the operation, which makes people very uncomfortable. There is no disturbing image in the FUE technique. In a short time like ten days, the donor area heals.

It regains its old look and people can easily return to social life. For a person who has a hair loss problem and is considering a hair transplant, Fue hair transplant is more effective and quicker than FUT technique.

In what situations is Fue hair transplant preferred?

In current technology, there are two main themes that are used in the transplant technique;

  •   Hair transplant with sapphire channels,
  •   DHI hair transplant.

These two techniques are applied for the transfer of the roots during the capillar operation. Regardless of the technique used, the graft extraction phase is performed with Fue Hair Transplantation. The operation continues in the same way, regardless of the technique used until the end of the follicle extraction phase. The difference is seen when the transfer phase starts, depending on the technique used.

How long does the Fue hair transplant process last?

The duration of the procedure is usually 2-3 hours, depending on variables such as the quality of the donor area, the expected number and the state of the tissue. This period may decrease or increase depending on the various situations mentioned above.

The patient is usually face down at this stage. Due to the face-down position, it can be said that it is the difficult part of the operation. At this phase, people can be advised to sleep to reduce the body’s energy to a minimum, and a sedative-type pill can be given before of this stage to help them sleep.

In this way, since the person can sleep more comfortably, the body’s energy is conserved and the operation becomes easier and more comfortable.

In the FUE Hair Transplant, if the duration of FUE, which is the extraction phase of the follicles, is prolonged for any reason, the procedures can be continued to protect the person’s energy. The point to note here is that harvested grafts also go through a waiting period.

While the grafts are in our donor area, they continue to be nourished by our body. After you extract it, it starts to lose its current quality because it doesn’t have an nutrition source while waiting outside. When hair follicles that have not been nourished for a long time and have lost their strength are transferred, it becomes difficult to return to their original state.

This negatively affects the success of the FUE Hair Transplant operation. Since there is no unlimited donor zone, the person cannot obtain the desired result. You may have to continue to live with the hair problem throughout your life.

Therefore, at this point the graft steam infusion units come into play. The procedure performed with the graft steam infusion unit in the FUE Hair Transplant; It is the process of applying mesotherapy steam rich in vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles that need it.

The hair follicles continue to be fed with mesotherapy steam at a temperature of 4-6 degrees from the moment they are extracted until they are transferred. In this way, when the FUE period is prolonged, there is no need to worry about losing the quality of the hair follicles.

What should be done before the FUE hair transplant operation?

The FUE Hair Transplant, which is an aesthetic operation, is a procedure that people have to improve their quality of life. For this reason, all the procedures to be carried out before or after the operation must be planned in such a way that they affect our social life as little as possible.

Before the FUE Hair Transplant Operation;

  • If you have ongoing treatment, the approval of the treating physician must be obtained. The medications used must be informed to the doctor who will perform the hair transplant and the relevant tests must be submitted. Hair transplant is a procedure that is performed to feel better. For this reason, if you have a continuous treatment, it must be integrated with the hair transplant process.
  • Before the operation, the consumption of alcohol, coffee, green tea and acidic drinks should be reduced. It is recommended not to consume during the last 3 days, if possible.
  • Smoking should be reduced if present. Hair follicle transfer is only one part of the hair transplant process. Top-quality nutrition should be provided to the transferred hair follicles after the operation, smoking has a major effect here. If it is not possible to stop smoking completely, it is recommended to minimize it.
  •  It is important not to use hair products when going to the operation and leave the hair in its natural state so that the planning is more effective.
  • If you choose a shirt or garment that can be opened and closed at the front, you will be much more comfortable after the operation.
  • Before the operation, you should go to bed early at night so that you are rested when the operation begins.
  • You must have breakfast before the operation. This allows you to have a more comfortable operation.

What is the healing process after Fue hair transplant?

Contrary to popular belief, the recovery process after Fue hair transplant is quite comfortable. The bandage applied after the operation is removed on the second day. A normal body bath can be performed for 10 days, but the transplanted area and donor area must be washed with the post-hair transplant washing kit. At the end of 10 days, the scabs are removed from the implanted area.

After the process of the scabs falling off, there is no image that bothers the person socially, neither in the transplanted area nor in the donor part. You can easily return to social life. The following week, the hair continues to grow. Although it varies from person to person, two weeks after the operation, there are no scars or marks from the hair transplant process in the recipient area or the donor area.

Shock loss after Fue hair transplant

The recipient area must be protected against friction and impact for 10 days after the operation. At the end of 10 days, the scabbing process is carried out. Hair growth continues in the following days. Approximately in the first month, the process of falling out shocks begins and continues until days 115-120.

At the end of the fourth month, the growth of new hair begins. It picks up speed in 6-7 months. New hair growth may take place up to 1 year, meanwhile, hair follicles that have completed their growth continue to thicken.

To exemplify the process of shock loss in Fue hair transplant,

It can be thought that a person who has lived in the same house for years has moved to a near neighborhood. The new neighborhood you’ve moved to may be a place you know, maybe you walked there every day, but it will inevitably take some getting used to. Although the person is the same, the goods are the same, the neighborhood is a familiar environment, this process of getting used to it is inevitable.

The process of shock falls can be compared with this example. The person is the same, the body is the same, the hair is the same, but because the place has changed, an adaptation period is needed. This process is called shock loss due to the rapidity of the falls. It lasts about 2-3 months, after which new hair growth will be observed.

What are the advantages of the Fue hair transplant method?

Unlike the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method used in recent years, which has been discontinued due to the irritating scar it leaves on the donor part, Fue Hair Transplant has many advantages.

If the person works in an office environment, they can return to work two days after the operation. If you are working in the field and not in an office environment, you will have to wait approximately ten days to return to work, in both cases the person can return to their daily routine shortly after the operation. The most important period is the first 10 days.

  •  Because of the little pressure applied to the tissue, there is no pain after the operation.
  •  Since the integrity of the tissue is preserved, there are no scars when planning correctly.
  •  The donor area can be reused for a second session if necessary in developed baldness.
  •  Since the grafts are extracted one by one according to the donor area, the homogeneous image continues.
  •  In subsequent years, the person can easily have their hair long or short.
  •  As there will be no scarring, there will be no loss of sensitivity or similar complications.

What are the things that people who had Fue hair transplant should pay attention to?

Performing the operation is one part of the process in the first place, while keeping the transferred hair alive is the other part of the process. The parameter based on this process should be the least affected by social life and the hair should continue to be nourished with the highest quality while returning to daily life as soon as possible.

  •  During the recovery period, it is necessary to be in constant contact with the doctor performing the operation and strictly follow his recommendations.
  •  In the first 10 days, the implanted area must be protected against friction or bumps.
  •  Drinks that thin the blood such as coffee, green tea, alcohol or spicy foods should be avoided during the first 3 days.
  •  Approximately 10 days after the operation, the new hair will be completely attached to the tissue in a healthy individual. The risk of damage or dislocation is completely eliminated.
  •  After the operation, the existing hair should be treated as lightly as possible. The nails should not be used during washing, it should be massaged with the soft part of the finger or the palm, and the washing should be completed.
  •  You should consume 3-4 liters of water a day. Optimal water consumption will increase the quality of nutrition by positively affecting circulation.
  •  Prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold should be avoided.
  •  Smoking should be minimized and, if possible, stopped completely.
  •  You can start to practice sports about 1 month after the operation. If the patient has been doing sports before, they can continue to walk briskly for a month after the operation. After 1 month, you can increase your training level step by step by starting to exercise at a light pace without increasing body pressure.

Correct determination of the exit direction of the hair roots in Fue hair transplantation

Since the grafts are taken one by one and transferred one by one in Fue Hair Transplantation, the directions of the hair can be given as desired. The parameter taken as a base here is the original direction of the person’s hair. The original hair directions are used to achieve a natural look.

In this way, the person can wear their hair in the desired length and shape. You can change the way you cut or style your hair whenever you want. If the direction of the hair is given correctly during the preparation of the recipient area, the natural appearance will not be impaired in any way.

The reason for extracting the follicles from the nape area in the Hair Transplant FUE

The hair at the nape of the neck is the strongest hair in terms of genetic makeup and is coded not to fall out. Falls are not observed unless the person experiences a specific situation (such as heavy drug use, long-term treatment). For this reason, hair follicles to be transferred to areas with hair loss are removed from the nape area.

During extraction, care must be taken to make a homogeneous extraction process. When the hair is removed with a homogeneous distribution with the Fue Hair Transplant, the remaining hair camouflages the gaps in the areas where the extraction is made and there is no change in the image.

Extraction of beard follicles in Fue Hair Transplant

Although the nape of the neck is generally preferred as a donor site in Fue hair transplantation, the lower part of the beard can be used as a donor site if necessary. The point to consider here is;

  • The person must have a beard,
  • The patient must not be a young person,
  • Do not place the beard follicles on the front line of the head.

If the patient has a beard and is not in a position to cut it due to their social life, the roots can be used at the bottom of the beard. Since the hair follicles will be extracted evenly, there will be no change in the image as long as the beard is not cut. If the beard is completely shaved, small scars may be seen in the areas where the removal is done due to the softness of the skin.

Although these scars will gradually fade over time, they can bother the person when shaving completely. For these reasons, the use of the beard donor area is not recommended for young people. Unwanted images can appear when you have to cut your beard for a job change, marriage or any other reason.

Another issue is that the roots removed from the beard should not be used in the profile. Although the roots of hair and beards have a similar structure, they are not exactly the same. Roots removed from the beard area can be transferred by combining them with hair follicles removed from the nape area at the back, called the crown area, as they are evenly distributed.

In the planning to be carried out in this way, an extra density will be obtained with the grafts harvested from the beard in the receiving area of the head, and an image defect that can be produced by the different shape of the beard will be avoided.

Back to normal life after hair transplant FUE

In today’s world, men give as much importance to their appearance as women. In this context, hair occupies an important place in providing an aesthetic appearance. Many people postpone the hair transplant operation due to both work and social concerns and have to continue their lives with hair problems.

Contrary to popular belief, the difficult part of the process is pre-op, not post-op. After the operation, people can quickly return to their social life. The deadline to indicate is 10 days. After 10 days, the transplanted hair completely adapts to its new place.

Depending on the person’s job, the return to work time may be earlier. In the period of 6-7 months, the growth of new hair accelerates and the person acquires a satisfactory appearance. It takes approximately 1 year to fully complete the process.

Hair Transplant Method FUE Prices 2022

The price of the operation varies according to many parameters, such as the time of operation, the packet received, the technologies to be used, the condition of the receiving area to be planned. You can get information about the current prices of Fue Hair Transplant here.