Dhi Hair Transplant Turkey

It is a hair transplant procedure, which is also called direct hair transplant without cutting the existing hair.

With the help of medical pens called choi-pen or implanter-pen, which provides the main source of this process, the roots extracted from the nape part, which we call the donor area, are carefully placed in choi-pens, and the Hair transplant is done directly into the existing scalp opening without making any canal. In other words, it is ‘direct hair implant’.


Who does the Dhi Hair Transplant apply to?

The DHI hair transplant turkey, technique, which has been especially preferred in recent years, is the procedure applied to all people who need hair loss, whether they are men or women. Given that in this technique the opening of the canal and the transplant process are done at the same time, the rapid recovery and the short duration of the operation have been one of the most important factors when demanding the DHI technique.

How long does the Dhi Hair Transplant operation take?

One of the most important questions that comes to the mind of people who prefer DHI as a hair transplant method is the time, the operation is carried out in an average of 6 to 8 hours. The lengthening or shorter duration of this period is due to the size of the receiving area, the experience and skill of the doctor or persons performing the operation.

The appropriate operating room and medical equipment used must be complete and sterile, and the patient must be well analyzed before the operation to see if it has any disease or not, if there is a problem, it will affect the operation and prolong its duration.

The patient should prefer higher quality and healthier progress, well-equipped and experienced doctor, correct clinic and operation by very careful research.

 What are the advantages of Dhi Hair Transplant?

The patient must have more information about this technique compared to other methods, and must decide which technique is more suitable for him by obtaining information from the experts in the first interview.

The DHI hair transplant can be performed protecting the hairy area without damaging the existing follicles, since the incision area will be smaller, the risk of bleeding, wounds and edema will be minimized.

At the same time, little time is spent, which allows the patient to have the transplant procedure comfortably. Subsequently, the patient’s recovery time is reduced. People who do not want to cut their hair can go about their normal lives with this technique.

At this point, making the most appropriate decision for the operation with the support of expert teams will affect the patient’s life for better or worse. To make the right decision, it would be better to decide by getting the help of people who are experts in this matter and leave your own wishes in the background.

To choose the best technique in hair transplant; we must take into account several issues such as the structure of the hair, age, diseases or discomfort, the productivity of the donor area, and the quality of the follicles.

Frequently asked questions in Dhi Hair Transplant?

It is true that there are many doubts in hair transplant, among which are issues such as the sapphire channel technique or DHI hair transplant. Before talking about the differences between them, it can be said that the two techniques are not independent of each other.

For the same operation, depending on the first analysis of the person’s hair, the donor area and the recipient area are determined, the sapphire channel technique can be applied in the hairless area and the DHI technique can be applied in the hairy area. so as not to damage existing hair. As for the difference between them;

The DHI method can be slightly more expensive than the sapphire channel technique, as it requires the use of a medical device that requires additional expertise.

The other difference between them is that although microchannels are opened according to the thickness of the graft in the sapphire technique, in fact the risk of bleeding is higher and the integrity of the tissue may be affected. In the DHI technique; Without opening a channel, the extracted follicle grafts are placed directly with the help of a medical pen called a choi-pen.

In addition, the healing time in the sapphire technique may be longer than the other, since the channel is open, the healing time of the tissue and the person’s blood circulation may change completely.

In the sapphire canal technique, the roots extracted from the donor area are kept in the open air during the opening period of the canal, while in the DHI hair transplant technique, the extracted roots are transplanted directly without waiting.

How long does it take to get new hair in Dhi Hair Transplant?

On average, growth begins from the third month and we observe it at a visible level. Then, in 6 and 7 months, we see that we can comb and shape our hair. This process literally takes a year.

For a healthy progress, factors such as the quality of the operation, the healthy diet during this period, the patient’s metabolism, the use of supportive foods after the operation are very important. In addition, another issue that will affect the process is keeping in touch with the clinic or doctor throughout the follow-up.

How to wash hair after Dhi Hair Transplant?  

On the 2nd day, the patients hair is washed for the first time and the bandage is removed from the donor area. If the person comes from out of town or from another country for the next wash, an explanation is given and the washing and scabbing videos are sent to them.

If you are in the city, it will be healthier to go to the clinic or hospital where the operation is performed, especially for washing and removing the scabs.

Because without cutting the hair there will be an intervention between the long and the weak hair, that is why the washing process will force the patients a little more. Foam lotion containing panthenol, provided by the clinic for washing, is sprayed on the entire recipient area and left for 40 minutes.

Subsequently, rinse with warm water without pressure. It is not necessary to do anything to the implanted area during rinsing. It will be enough to completely rinse off the foam that has been thrown.

Then, you should add a piece of shampoo provided by the clinic, lather in your hand and spread it over the entire receiving area by touching and gently pressing with your hands and then it will be enough to rinse with warm water and without pressure If it is long hair, it will be you should be a little more careful.

It will be a little more difficult for us to spray the foam to the recipient area and rinse it thoroughly during the washing process.

After the operation, these washings should be continued in the same way for the first ten days. In this process, it will be beneficial for you to regularly send your photos from the correct angles to your doctor or your advisor, this will be very important during the first days.


How should scab removal be done after Dhi Hair Transplant?

Although it is said that it will be more convenient on the tenth day after the operation, it would be best to determine the appropriate day and time with your doctor who performed the operation or your advisor by sending them your photos from the correct angles from the first wash.

We have to wait forty minutes to rinse off the foam from the washing kit that the clinic gives us. The purpose of this lotion is to soften the scabs that have formed and to make the scabs come off easily from the implanted area.

Once your waiting period is over, by making circular movements with your fingertips, you ensure that the scabs are separated from the scalp without too much force and without exerting pressure. At the scab removal stage, not all of them may be removed. In the following days the same process is repeated with the follow-up of your doctor and the elimination process is carried out.


How long does it take to get new hair in Dhi Hair Transplant?

Two or three weeks after the operation, or depending on the circulation or structure of the patient, it is seen that the hair transplanted in the process called shock loss falls out during this period.

No matter how worried the person is, we know that from the third month their hair will start to grow, and from the fourth month, the hairs will thicken and become visible. In the middle of the sixth and seventh month, you will be able to comb and shape your hair. Your hair will take about a year to fully grow and thicken.

By the way, there are many factors that we should pay attention to for hair development, the main ones are; After the transplant, you should be checked and followed up regularly, hair growth may progress slowly or you may experience circulatory problems. In this sense, it is possible that supplements or medications recommended by the doctor should be taken.

The prp and mesotherapy treatment must be carried out in monthly periods during the first six months. Subsequently, the capillar laser and the otolog plus treatment with stem cells can be performed once a year. Since otolog plus stem cell therapy is a minor surgical procedure, you may want to talk to your doctor and decide after he or she agrees.

Can the Dhi Hair Transplant be done several times?

Before deciding on a new operation, the person who has previously had a hair transplant or who has had more than one transplant must be informed about the clinic where the operation will be performed and it will be in their interest to have a personalized consultation in a interview with the doctor who will perform the operation.

The most important fact that you should pay attention to here is the efficiency of the donor area and the width of the recipient area. Since there have previously been one or more acquisitions of the donor area, it is necessary to evaluate this area very well and decide on the operation after performing a computerized hair analysis. Because the recipient area is as important as the donor area.

How is the appearance of new hair in Dhi Hair Transplant, can it be controlled?

After hair transplant, everyone’s dream is to have a natural appearance and be able to style their hair as they want. Therefore, it will always benefit us that the roots of the donor area are of high quality and are grouped.

To plan the operation, you have to look for and decide, consulting the appropriate clinic, the doctor or specialist who is going to operate, that they will use a device of computerized hair analysis to determine if the donor area and the recipient area are suitable or not.

In addition, the experience of the doctors or specialists who are going to perform the operation is very important in this regard, the DHI/Choipen transplant is different from the other methods; Since the hands will change direction, the angle and density of the hair must be directly proportional.

For this reason, it will be in your best interest to choose a doctor who is specialized in his field and who is an expert of reference. When the right choice is made, a natural, dense and beautiful image is inevitable.

Is there an age limit for Dhi Hair Transplant?

People who have genetic or health problems, or who experience hair loss due to stress and environmental factors, should first investigate the causes of their hair loss and seek treatment. If a person who has suffered a total hair loss, the hair transplant operation will be the definitive solution for him or her.

To see if it is suitable for this operation, it is decided after the first control of the specialist doctors in the clinic or hospital and after the necessary examinations and hair analysis. The age limit is very important in this operation, since there is a limit of eighteen years.

Disadvantages of Dhi Hair Transplant?

Before deciding, it is necessary to do a very good investigation. Because the doctor or specialist who will perform the operation must have high condition, energy, knowledge and experience. Since there are existing hairs in the receiving area, he or she must be careful about damaging the existing hair.

In addition, he/she  must have high experience in the use of the choipen. Because; Since the hand of the specialist performing the operation will be constantly moving during the placement of each root with the choipen, the angle, density and direction of the roots may change.

Dhi Hair Transplant Prices 2022

The characteristic that distinguishes this technique from other techniques is that the pens and their devices, which we call choi-pen, change for each patient and make the cost much higher.

In addition, the price of the operation can vary according to many parameters such as the date of the operation, the preferred package, the technologies to be used and the size of the recipient area. You can obtain information on current DHI hair transplant prices here.