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    Take a step for change! Be one step ahead with Medpoint Global!
    Medpoint Global, which has been welcoming its guests from many parts of the world for hair transplant and aesthetic operations in Turkey/Istanbul, one of the world's leading countries in hair transplant, for 12 years, has been drawing an increasing success rate since the day it was founded.
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    Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

    Sapphire tips and micro channels.. Natural hair directions..

    Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

    It is the process of eliminating the hair loss problem by placing the roots taken from the donor area with the FUE method into the channels opened through the device produced from sapphire material, which is the most compatible material with human tissue.
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    DHİ Hair Transplant

    With Choi-pen/Implanter pens.. Direct hair transplant..

    DHİ Hair Transplant

    It is a hair transplant technique in which the hair follicles taken from the donor area with the FUE method are placed in pens called choi-pen or implanter, where openning the channels and transfer process are performed simultaneously
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    FUE Hair Transplant

    Natural look.. fast return to social life..

    FUE Hair Transplant

    Because it is an abbreviation term, there are frequent misunderstandings. In a more descriptive way, the term FUE, which means 'follicular unit extraction', is actually a method of extraction, not a planting method.
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    What did they say?
    Check out the comments of our patients who joined our family!
    eric cortial (Mezz)
    Équipe au top vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés pour ma part une superbe expérience j'ai retrouvé ma jeunesse mes cheveux et la confiance en moi merci la famille medpoint global 👊👊👊
    Stefano Del Meglio
    Esperienza Fantastica, da Luca il consulente, al Dott. Murat Makasçi a tutto lo Staff , mi sono sentito accolto come un amico , più che da paziente, tutti simpatici, accoglienti, scrupolosi, tutto ciò che mi avevano detto su whattsapp, prima dell'intervento, così è stato dopo massimo dei bulbi innestati, ( l'intervento difatti è durato un po di piu) .Più che soddisfatto, ora tempo altempo! CONSIGLIO VIVAMENTE! Grazie A MEDPOINT GLOBAL!
    enver osmanbeyoğlu
    Merhabalar medpointte sac ekimi yaptirdm 16. Gunumdeyim ve gercekten beklentilerimin ustunde bir gorunuse sahibim cevremde beni goren insanlar saclarimin cok sık ve dogal ekildigini ve sac alinan bölgelerde hic bir goruntu kirliligi yara vs olmadigini gorunce sac ekimi yaptirmak isteyen insanlar cogaldi:) gönül rahatligiyla sac ekimi yaptirabilirsiniz
    saeid naseri
    I had the operations with Medpoint on 27th April 2022. The operation took around 12 hours and the team was working with high precision and patience. Also the team was very caring and you could easily communicate with the team thanks to the translator, Luca. After the operations, I was in touch with the team through WhatsApp and I could ask my questions easily and was getting the answers quickly. The team provides hotel and taxi as well to make it more convenient. After 10-14 days I could see very good results. Overally, I’m happy with Medpoint and recommend it.
    Ivan Congiu
    Ho avuto una fantastica esperienza! Personale cordiale e competente. Super attenti ai bisogni dei clienti e Luca, l’interprete italiano, molto disponibile e simpatico. Clinica consigliata al 100%!
    Francesco Di Lena
    Medpoint Global e’ una clinica per il trapianto dei capelli seria. Top dal punto di vista professionale. Luca, i dottori e l’intera equipe medica fanno di tutto per farti sentire a tuo agio. Sono estremamente soddisfatto sia dell’esperienza vissuta che del lavoro svolto. Grazie Medpoint Global 😙
    Darragh Mc Kenna
    I had my transplant with Medpoint on the 1.04.22 & I'm very happy with my progress so far. Having done alot of research on a number of clinics I decided to choose Medpoint having witnessed some of their results first hand. I would like to thank Dr Murat & his team for their professionalism & great care in undertaking my transplant. I would also like to thank Melda my host for all her assistance & continued support. Any queries were promptly answered by her & almost a month later herself & Dr Murat are in constant contact with me ensuring my recovery is as smooth as possible. I fully recommend this clinic & look forward to seeing my final result.
    Aurelio Mossa
    Professionalità, serietà, disponibilita, accuratezza nel dettaglio dell intervento.Massima premura nei confronti del paziente in tutto.Grazie Medpoint Global!! Siete il 🔝💯..un grandissimo ringraziamento di vero cuore a Luca,sempre cordiale paziente e disponibile..arrivi a Istanbul e ti fa sentire a casa tua..lo chiami in piena notte e lui ti risponde ..grande Luca👌👌👌
    As Medpoint Global, we provide services with advanced technology treatment methods at international standards regarding hair transplant and treatments. Learn about our treatments!
    Just 3 Days to Change Your Quality of Life!
    1 day; Arrival-Consultation-Resting
    2 days; Operation-Resting
    3 days; Istanbul City Tour-Check-Return
    You can get information from your consultant while choosing the most suitable package for you.
    SOFT Pack
    • "FUE Sapphire Technique or DHI
    • Painless Anesthesia
    • Blood analysis
    • Maximum Number of Grafts in the Intervention
    • Post-Operation Washing Set and Medicines
    • Neck Pillow
    • Private Whatsapp Group
    • Health Consultant Service for 1 Year"
    GOLD Pack
    • "In addition to the SOFT package;
    • Graft Steam Infusion Unit
    • Post-Operation PRP
    • Post-Operation Mesotherapy
    • Covid-19 Test
    • Accomodation
    • Transfer"
    VIP Pack
    • "In addition to the GOLD Package;
    • Otolog Stem Cell Therapy
    • Hair Laser
    • Infusion Therapy
    • Hair Care Set
    • VIP Accommodation
    • VIP Transfer"
    Frequently Asked Questions
    For more, you can contact our expert team.
    What is Otolog Plus stem cell hair transplant?
    In shortly, it is the process of combining stem cells, which are cell types that can divide into different shapes on different structures and thus provide a constant change and regeneration in the region where they exist, after a series of processes, combined with the vitamins needed by the hair and transplanted back. You can get more detailed information here.
    What is Hair Laser Treatment?
    It is the process of reawakening the hair follicles, which have weakened due to many external factors, with low-dose diode rays. You can find more detailed information about hair laser here.
    Unshaven hair transplant?
    According to the allopecy, there is no need to shave the hair completely, especially in regional hair transplantation. In this way, the person can return to his social life faster. You can find more detailed information about unshaven hair transplant here.
    Hair Transplant Process?
    Contrary to popular belief, the difficult part in hair transplant operations is before the operation, not after the operation. With the developing technology, hair transplantation operations are very comfortable and aim to return the person to their social life as quickly as possible. You can get more detailed information about the hair transplant process here.
    Hair Transplant in Turkey?
    You can get better quality service at a more affordable price in Turkey, which is frequently mentioned in international platforms not only in hair transplant but also in many fields of health tourism. You can get more detailed information about the services you can get in Turkey here.
    What is Graft Steam Infusion?
    Although there are different application methods inside and outside the application, it is essentially the process of feeding the hair follicles with mesotherapy steam rich in vitamins needed by the hair and shocking them at low temperature. You can get more detailed information about graft steam infusion here.
    Saphire FUE or DHI FUE?
    Sapphire canals and DHI method, which are often shown as rivals and one of them is claimed to be better than the other, are not rivals of each other, on the contrary, they are complementary to each other. You can get more detailed information about the sapphire channel and DHI methods here.
    Is hair transplant painfull?
    Thanks to the needle-free/painless anesthesia devices that replace dental tips with the developing technology, pain is almost completely eliminated. You can get more detailed information about needle-free/painless anesthesia here.
    My hair falling out?
    Hair transplant is not the only solution for hair loss due to many external factors or purely genetic reasons. There are different methods that can be applied against hair loss before hair transplantation. You can find detailed information about these treatments here.
    Hair Transplant prices?
    Hair transplant prices may vary depending on many parameters. You can get detailed information about current hair transplant prices here.
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